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On-site Data Destruction Services in Montreal

2-Step Certified NSA/DoD Equipment and Process

Proton T-15

Perminately demagnetizes the hard drive or tape. Using a degausser is the only way to guarantee all data on hard drives and other magnetic media is completely unrecoverable. To comply with recognized standards, including NSA/DoD regulations, a degausser must be used prior to destroying hard drives. In a typical national security operation, a destroyer is used in conjunction with a degausser.


This machine bends the hard drive to a 90-degree angle, which breaks the platter heads, motor, and circuit board of the hard drive. To comply with NSA/DoD standards, this second step is mandatory.

We can perform this service free of charging, provided you have a minimum of 30 items for recycling (laptops, computers, or servers). If you do not meet this minimum, please email us, as we can still provide this service.



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